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Precision Hoe

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Like the name implies, the Precision Hoe is precise! We love it for planting bulbs but the possibilities are really only limited by the imagination. Tempered steel and a bamboo handle mean this tool is made to withstand the test of years of gardening. 

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  • Rust-resistant
  • Heat treated stainless steel teardrop shaped blade
  • Bamboo handle provides a comfortable grip
  • Blade can be resharpened as needed
  • Ergonomic

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  • 1 Precision Hoe


  • Lifetime


14" x 6.5" x 3.5"


Precision Hoe GDN-005


  • Eco friendly bamboo handle
  • Heat treated stainless steel blade

Q- What is the best way to re-sharpen my spade?

A- We suggest you use a sharpening stone, or file. Just make sure to wear gloves and be careful when sharpening your Barebones tools.

Q- How can I make sure my tools stay looking nice forever?

A- We suggest that you oil your tools after each using a light oil such as linseed oil. Linseed oil will help keep your bamboo handles looking like new for years to come!