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Cool Weather Garden Cover Crop Mix

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Protect your soil through cold weather with this Garden Cover Crop Mix. Ensuring moisture, nutrients, and micro-organisms stay put through winter, your soil will welcome the first long days of spring by sprouting bright greens that bring new life to your ground.

About Home & Range

Created by a small-farm expert with results and beautiful design in mind, Home & Range products help even the most inexperienced of farmers plant and protect their greens - all without introducing harmful chemicals into the soil.

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  • Provides nutrients to healthy garden plants
  • Helps healthy plants resist pests and disease
  • Improves crop yields
  • Helps soil moisture and prevents erosion
  • Protects water quality
  • Increases soil biodiversity and tilth
  • Covers 325 Sq. Ft
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  • 1lb bag


1 LB