"The antidote to cabin fever."

When everyone is headed indoors, take the party outside. Fresh air, a well-crafted drink, and reawakened senses make communing with friends an invigorating experience. 


Raised by an herbalist and ex-farmer on self-harvested garden foods, Ryan’s holistic approach to food and beverage came naturally. With a diverse work history and education ranging from interior architecture to ten years as a sushi chef, Ryan’s distinct skill set has granted him more than fifteen years in the food and beverage industry. On any given day, he can be found exercising one or more of his roles including bar manager, spirits educator, and bar and restaurant designer/consultant. If not at work in the city, he’s probably in the mountains or desert looking for foragables.

Blonde Beergarita Cocktail


Ingredients for individual cocktail


Spread some salt onto a clean, dry surface. Wet the rim of an Old Fashioned glass with freshly cut citrus and roll in salt. Add tequila and spicy margarita syrup to glass, gently add ice, top with approximately 2 ounces beer.

Barebones Beacon $45