Hosting Tips

Take it Outside 

Create a unique experience by taking the table outside. Being surrounded by nature creates an immediate sense of newness and awe.


Anticipate Your Guests’ Needs

Consider what your guests will need to stay comfortable. Throw blankets, warm beverages, fire pits, and other thoughtful details make guests feel welcome and cared for.


Encourage Meaningful Conversation

Nothing is more memorable than connection. Prompt deeper conversation by asking guests questions like “What book had the biggest impact on you?” that go beyond the surface, get people talking, and offer common ground to explore.


Close the Night Around the Fire

Everyone loves a roaring fire. Serve dessert and drinks around a fire pit at the end of the evening to cement feelings of warmth and community. Take a moment to thank guests individually for the ways they’ve touched your life this year and to offer a final toast.

Vegan  Recipes

Traditional  Recipes

Winter Cocktails

Hosting Essentials

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