Durable and comfortable Barebones tents are now available for lease. Allow your guests to fully immerse themselves in your event experience with Barebones shelters, available to domestic and international companies in customized quantities.


Perfected Experiences

The Barebones Shelter Leasing Program is ideal for landowners, luxury camping facilities, yoga retreats, ski and mountain resorts' summer-based events, outdoor festivals and concerts, wilderness expeditions, VIP overnight retreats, and many other seasonal and year-round travel offerings.

Affordable Luxury Lodging

All Barebones tents are reasonably priced for corporate leasing. Profitably offer luxury lodging options your guests to perfect your retreat experience. The Outfitter Tent and Lodge Tent are available for lease.

Flexible Lease Options

Lease any Barebones tent for as little as one week up to 12 months. Simply select your preferred duration and lodging options, and we'll deliver tents straight to your doors with simple instructions for setup, breakdown and general care.

Customized and Variable Quantities

Lease as few or as many shelters as your event requires. Add additional tents during peak season, then scale back during lower travel months. We'll work with you to create the leasing package that fits your booking cycles and variable needs.

No Surcharges or Annual Fees

Members of the Leasing Program receive competitive lease pricing on an as needed basis. There are no annual fees, surcharges or minimum leasing requirements, allowing you to customize your offering for seasonal fluctuations and ensure profitable hosting.

Event Exposure

Our team will help get your Barebones lodgings listed on Airbnb and Hipcamp to ensure they receive maximum exposure, bookings and review opportunities.

Small and Large Groups Welcome

Barebones shelters offer 90-180 square feet of living space, allowing 4-12 people to sleep comfortably. View details for each Barebones tent here.

Guaranteed Durability

Barebones tents are crafted to provide comfortable shelter amidst even the harshest weather conditions. No matter the outdoor elements, your Barebones lodgings will keep guests safe, comfortable and warm.

For more information or if you have questions please email [email protected].