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The Woodsman Collection


Inspiration & Accessories

Niklas Ekstedt Food From the Fire $35
W&P Design Copper Flask $34
Oregon Glove Company Grain Elkskin Gloves $30
Tea Kettle Ovalware RJ3 Drip Kettle $29.99
Lars Mytting Norwegian Wood $25

 New to Garden


Inspiration & Accessories

Copper maker Kinsman Company Copper Plant Markers $15.95
Timber Press The Living Landscape $39.95
Sam's Natural Gardeners Hand Scrub $7
Chronicle Books Cut Flower Garden $35
Artisan - Workman Publishing A Wilder Life $29.95
Botanical Arts Press Foraging and Feasting $40
Oregon Glove Comapny Suede Cowhide Gloves $8

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