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Emma Frisch's Pick

Elevated Brunch

Since my daughter sounds the alarm at 5:30 am in our household, breakfast and brunch tend to be our most celebrated meals. Daddy puts on the kettle, lines up the mugs and readies his coffee and my tea. Once our pancake batter is ready, my daughter helps me drop spoonfuls into the pan. Half our breakfast has been sampled in the kitchen by the time we make our way to the table, but we always have room for more.

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Megan Voigt's Pick

Thoughtful Retreat

From cool, quiet mornings to star-filled evenings by the fire, the Thoughtful Retreat was made for those that appreciate the intrinsic ties between the outdoors, good writing, and little whiskey. Filled with inspiration, adventure and space for their favorite libation, this combo is packed with holiday goodness.

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Caroline Hargraves's Pick

Bread Bake

I love baking bread at home in dutch ovens - nothing retains and radiates heat like cast iron. The oven spring, color and crisp crust I can attain with my Cast Iron Crock far and away exceeds the results I can achieve with a baking sheet alone. Heap some good butter right onto the cutting board and break into it with people you love (and who have likely been taunted by the smell bread baking all day) - There’s nothing better.

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Jen Wakeland's Pick

Prep & Plant

I have always been a fan of Barebones with my favorite tools being the cultivator, square hoe, and of course the Ultimate Tool; trustworthy to get the job done, easy to handle, and uncomplicated. After digging in the dirt with gloves that let the cold elements in, it’s always welcomed to run my hands under warm water and wash away the grit with a scrub that truly smells good and clean.

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