Campfire Cook


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Campfire Cook

*Required - Choose Glove Size

Leave the confines of the kitchen behind. The Campfire Cook equips you with the essentials for cooking in the vast expanse of nature.

Bundle Includes

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Hatchet & Sheath

Designed with intention, the Barebones Hatchet provides proper weight and balance to maximize your swing alongside strength enhancements such as a full steel tang and overstrike guard to maintain the integrity of the hickory handle. A sheath made of waxed canvas and leather protects the blade from the elements when not in use. Whether you use it to split kindling, clear a path, or hammer stakes with the poll end, the Hatchet helps you make a greater impact.

Grain Elkskin Gloves

A classic in the Oregon Glove Company’s collection, these Grain Elkskin Leather Gloves are primed to handle everything from light outdoor gardening tasks to intense wood chopping and hauling. Crafted with a shirred elastic back and keystone thumb, they will stand up to years of regular use in both hot and cold climates.


Hand sorting and selecting each quality hide for almost 70 years, the Oregon Glove Company has become a standard in durable and lasting outdoor leather gloves.

Fennel Coriander Salt

This flake sea salt blend combines organic fennel and coriander seeds along with fennel pollen and a touch of organic black pepper for warmth. Use on meats, grilled or roasted vegetables, homemade chips or fries, popcorn or avocado toast.


Ashley Rodriguez is an Artist for Love which means a portion of every purchase goes directly to the non-profit organization, First Aid Arts. Their mission is to equip trauma care providers with arts-based tools and training, creating a world where wounded hearts heal beautifully.

Cast Iron Skillet – 10"

Say hello to Cast Iron Skillet perfection. Complete with a comfortable grip handle and Barebones Cast Iron Dutch interchangeable lid, it’s a skillet you won’t want to go without. Transfer directly to the oven. Savor each flavor. Love each and every meal.

Open Fire Chef $136
Open-Fire Small Bites $191
Woodfired Pizza $67
Wilderness Fare $150
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Cheese Knife $35
Cedar Grilling Wraps $12
Cedar Grilling Planks $16
Cameron Brimmed Hat – Charcoal $100
Brimmed Hat - Beige $100
Copper Flask $42
Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix $16
Elle Brimmed Hat - Black $100
Fennel Coriander Salt $14
Fire Pit
$90 $150
Salty Sprinkles $14
Seedy Salt $10
Cast Iron Dutch Oven – 4 Qt. $54
Cast Iron Dutch Oven Classic – 4 Qt. $56
No.6 Field Knife $75
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