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Foraged Feast


The Foraged Feast has the mouthwatering inspiration and practical pieces you need to enjoy every moment of the forage.

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Hori Hori & Sheath

One of the top 100 new outdoor living tools for 2015 according to This Old House, our uniquely designed, multi-use tool is the perfect companion for all your outside escapades. Pound in tent stakes with the flat pommel base. Measure planting depth with the handy inch marks. Saw a branch or whittle some kindling with the rust-resistant, double-edged blade. But don't forget about the Hori Hori Sheath. Durable waxed canvas and reinforced lining come together beautifully to sustain and preserve the Hori Hori. Its stainless steel belt clip supports easy carrying and accessibility, while the strong handle strap restricts the blade from slipping or moving. The Hori Hori Sheath’s open end allows for easy cleaning and prevents soil buildup, preserving the Hori Hori’s blade for years of continued use.

See the Hori Hori in action. Watch as our founder highlights his favorite features and explains why it’s one of his favorite tools. Watch now. 

*Accents on sheath may vary.

Harvesting & Gathering Bag

Inspired by vintage orchard design, the Gathering Bag offers versatility in use, wearing, emptying and care. Its convertible straps allow for comfortable chest or back carrying, while its drop-out bottom makes quick work of emptying the harvest. Constructed of weather- and water-resistant waxed canvas and complete with a water-tight removable liner, the Gathering Bag is the essential foraging and harvesting partner.

Foraging and Feasting

This instructive guide both celebrates and restores the lost practice of foraging and cooking. Complete with 50 botanical illustrations and over 100 delicious, wholesome recipes, Foraging and Feasting will bring new life into the kitchen for years to come.


A clinical herbalist with more than 20 years of teaching experience, Dina Falconi practices wild foraging and cooking, as well as food activism and nutritional healing. Foraging and Feasting’s illustrator, Wendy Hollender, is an experienced botanical artist and the coordinator of botanical art and illustration at the Westchester Arts Workshop and the New York Botanical Garden.

Foraging Fundamentals $103
Prep & Plant $144
Stem & Blossom $127
Wild Guide $142
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Cameron Brimmed Hat – Charcoal $100
Elle Brimmed Hat - Black $100
Large Scissors $26
Pruner $28
Eight Vial Salt Set $30
Enamel Deep Plates $64
Enamel Large Tumbler $9
Enamel Serving Tray $30
Double Weave Cotton Napkins - 4 pack $36
Iron Flatware Set $44
Gardeners Hand Scrub $7
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