Open Fire Chef



Open Fire Chef


Whether it’s a first foray or a long-standing tradition, open-fire cooking is made better with this flavor-focused curation. 

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Skillet, Dutch & Trivet Set – Medium

Cooking and caring for cast iron has never been easier with our skillet and dutch kit. With a stainless steel cleaning mesh and a handmade serving wood trivet, you can immerse yourself in the full experience of cast iron.

Thai-Style Charcoal

Thaan Charcoal is natural, Thai-Style binchotan extruded log charcoal. A natural alternative to charcoal briquettes that is long-burning and clean, Thaan Charcoal provides consistent, even heat.

Made sustainably from orchard-grown rambutan fruit wood, which imparts a mild flavor that lets your food speak for itself. Great for any style of solid-fuel cooking–grilling, barbecuing, indirect cooking, and traditional binchotan charcoal applications

Open Fire Gloves

Work an open fire with well-protected hands. Made of pearl split cowhide, these welding gloves allow freedom of movement without sacrificing safety.


Hand sorting and selecting each quality hide for almost 70 years, the Oregon Glove Company has become a standard in durable and lasting outdoor leather gloves.

Rosemary-Infused Salt

Touted as one of the most “flavorful and aromatic salts” Jacobsen Salt Co. produces, this simple yet powerful cooking addition has earned a place at the front of our spice racks. Use on vegetables - fresh or fried - and meats, fish, pastas, nuts and more.


Jacobsen Salt Company’s roots are firmly planted in restoring and re-envisioning elemental cooking. Having perfected simple recipes with beautifully-balanced flavors, their salts are some of the best we’ve ever tried.

Campfire Cook $164
Open-Fire Small Bites $191
Wilderness Fare $150
Woodfired Pizza $67
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Cast Iron Skillet – 12" $40
Cast Iron Skillet – 10" $22
Black Garlic Salt $12
Extra Large Grill Grate $52
Hand Forged Roasting Skewers – Set of 4 $46
Open Fire Cooking Tongs $48
Open Fire Gloves $15
Cedar Grilling Wraps $12
Black Lava Salt $10
Cheese Knife $35
Infused Habenero Salt $12
Fire Pit
$90 $150
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