Stem & Blossom



Stem & Blossom


Foster their love of wild flowers and garden blooms. Cut Flower Garden instructs and inspires, and Barebones tools assist in the doing.

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Large Scissors

As seen in Dwell, these durable large garden shears have an ambidextrous grip that allows you to harvest leafy greens quickly. Wide handles accommodate a comfortable fit with or without gloves. 

Small Scissors

As seen in Dwell, the Barebones small scissors make shearing and maintaining your greens precise and comfortable. With an ambidextrous grip and wide handles, don’t leave these scissors out of your tool belt. 

Cut Flower Garden

Erin Benzakein’s guide to planting, nurturing, foraging and utilizing homegrown blooms is unlike any other. Packed with incredible knowledge and experience, her achievable tips for bringing flowers from garden to table are a powerful duo of inspiration and action, fit for gardens of any size and in any climate.


The lovely and inspiring owner of Floret Flower Farm, Erin Benzakein, is a natural fit in the Barebones Living world. Carefully nurturing her internationally-renowned garden with overwhelming care and attention to detail, Benzakein is also a leader in foraging, offering tips and instructions for creating breathtaking flower arrangements.


Inspired by old world Japanese design, Barebones Pruners offer unmatched dexterity and utility, complemented by timeless beauty. Durable steel construction, classic copper accents, and easy comfortable handling make the Pruners a lasting staple of indoor and outdoor gardening.

Foraged Feast $155
Foraging Fundamentals $103
Prep & Plant $144
Wild Guide $142
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Harvesting & Gathering Bag $65
Brimmed Hat - Beige $100
Cameron Brimmed Hat – Charcoal $100
Elle Brimmed Hat - Black $100
Copper Plant Markers $15.95
Gardeners Hand Scrub $7
Scissor Combo $45
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