Wild Guide



Wild Guide


The Wild Guide bundle pays tribute to expert know-how, undeniable grit, and an adventurous spirit.

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Copper Flask

A compact and spirited inclusion in any outdoor pack is this 7-oz. Copper Flask. Plated stainless steel and an easy-twist top make this beverage favorite both functional and polished - a desirable duo in any setting.


This Brooklyn-based company is making a name for itself with its creative and unique approach to food and beverage product design. From design to manufacturing, each piece is tailored with one intent: to make each encounter more approachable and more functional.

How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster, and Master Other Simple Pleasures

Packed with 48 how-tos and detailed illustrations, Kaufmann Mercantile’s field guide supplies everything from practical everyday tips, like repairing a bike flat, to adventure-ready notes for starting a fire, building a lean-to shelter, and fording a stream. 


Kaufmann Mercantile is a careful curator of long-lasting, quality products. Utilizing a discerning focus on only the best materials, their sharp collection is an ever-growing boutique of made-to-last classic goods.

No.6 Field Knife

An indispensable outdoorsman’s knife for wherever the journey takes you. The high carbon tempered steel blade, reinforced by a full tang, proves reliable and strong as you attend to the rituals of the outdoors from making fire to setting up shelter and foraging. Purposeful details like an inlaid copper lanyard ring, waxed canvas sheath, and belt clip create a seamless experience and restore your focus on the moment. 

Cozy Conversation $232
Cocktails 101 $133
Campfire Cook $164
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Pulaski Axe $135
Brimmed Hat - Beige $100
Firelight Flask & Tumblers $100
Grain Elkskin Gloves $30
Hatchet & Sheath $98
Trailblazer Flashlight $100
Forest Lantern $50
Drifters Playing Cards $12
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