Woodfired Pizza



Woodfired Pizza


Smoky and savory, pizza was meant to be cooked over fire. Cast iron and King Arthur’s premium flours lead to the blistered crusts and melted cheese you crave.

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Cast Iron Skillet – 12"

Say hello to Cast Iron Skillet perfection. Complete with a comfortable grip handle and Barebones Cast Iron Dutch interchangeable lid, it’s a skillet you won’t want to go without. Transfer directly to the oven. Savor each flavor. Love each and every meal.

Pizza Pack

Prided on making “crisp, yet chewy-crusted pies” easy to achieve, King Arthur’s trio delivers an all-in-one solution for masterful homemade pizza. From the flour blend, to their incredible pizza flavoring, to the warm and aromatic combination of herbs, garlic, onion and spices that make up their seasoning, each finished pie offers a delicious cooking and eating experience.


A fellow Certified B Corporation, King Arthur Flour is comprised of a team of bakers intent on spreading the love of the craft to those around them. The oldest flour company in the country, King Arthur has been perfecting the practice of quality and consistency since 1790.

Campfire Cook $164
Open Fire Chef $136
Open-Fire Small Bites $191
Wilderness Fare $150
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Black Garlic Salt $12
Lemon Zest Salt $12
Infused Habenero Salt $12
Black Lava Salt $10
Artisan Cutting Boards $90
Fennel Coriander Salt $14
Pizza Pack $24.85
Cast Iron Skillet – 12" $40
Cast Iron Skillet – 10" $22
Enamel Deep Plates $64
Double Weave Cotton Napkins - 4 pack $36
Enamel Large Tumbler $9
Iron Flatware Set $44
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