Bar Basics


The art of cocktails begins with the basics. This set of bar spoon, julep strainer, jigger, and muddler ensures you’re well equipped to serve up classics and craft signature drinks.


This Brooklyn-based company is making a name for itself with its creative and unique approach to food and beverage product design. From design to manufacturing, each piece is tailored with one intent: to make each encounter more approachable and more functional.

Stainless steel spoon

Julep strainer fits standard mixing glasses

Jigger with 1.5 oz. / 0.75 oz. measures

Wood muddler hewn for correct leverage

Backpack Cooler – 12 Cans $80
Artisan Cutting Boards $90
Cocktail Syrup Set $15
Copper Flask $42
The Homemade Gin Kit $50
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