Copper Plant Markers


These miniature copper plant markers are made from sturdy galvanized steel, and offer a beautiful, functional touch to any garden. Use in beds, pots and on borders of plants of your choosing, and easily mark with a quality grease pencil.


It’s no surprise that the founder of Kinsman’s love and first-hand, lifelong experience with gardening have proven to be an ideal combination in their product development. A long-time producer of quality garden tools and accessories, we’ve found Kinsman’s collection to offer both staples and finishing touches to the well-appointed herb and flower garden.

Made of copper and steel marker
  • Copper labels mounted on sturdy galvanized steel wire frames
  • Contains 25 markers
  • Compatible with grease pencil
  • Made of copper and steel
  • Labels are 5.5" tall; Plate: 2.5" across x 0.875" deep