Eight Vial Salt Set


Our Sourced Salt Vial Set allows your tastebuds to visit 8 regions known for their unique salts and is a great introduction to different salts around the globe. 

Each vial contains 8-10 grams of salt depending on the flake size.


Jacobsen Salt Company’s roots are firmly planted in restoring and re-envisioning elemental cooking. Having perfected simple recipes with beautifully balanced flavors, their salts are some of the best we’ve ever tried.

Set includes:

Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

Flower of Bali Sea Salt

Hiwa Kai Black Lava Salt

French Sel Gris Salt

Peruvian Pink Spring Salt

Guatemalan Fleur de Sel

Trapani Italian Sea Salt

Cast Iron Skillet – 10" $22
Black Lava Salt $10
Black Garlic Salt $12
Skillet, Dutch & Trivet Set – Small $70
Lemon Zest Salt $12
Cast Iron Dutch Oven Classic Kit – 4 Qt. $118
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