Poppy & Bishops Lace Seeds


One of our favorite combinations from La Vie Rustic, these Poppy and Bishop’s Lace seeds are a beautiful nod to the French garden. Complete with growing instructions, enough seeds to cover 2,000 square feet, and a 5-7 day germination period, you’ll be nurturing and enjoying these vibrant blooms in little time.


Inspired by the standards of old French country living, planting and farming, La Vie Rustic serves as a testament to both the richness and simplicity of the past, as well as the resurgence of sustainable living practices. With the mission of helping establish small, sustainable gardens and food sources in homes everywhere, La Vie Rustic has earned a welcome place in the Barebones Living collection.

  • Create your own iconic red poppy fields to wander in or cut bouquets from
  • Enough seeds to plant 2000 square feet


  • Red Poppy and Ammi majus seeds
  • Rice hulls for ease of scattering
  • Complete growing instructions
  • Seeds germinate in 5-7 days
  • 7 grams of Red Poppy and Ammi majus seeds
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