The Chef’s Kitchen Fresh Herb Prints


The Chef’s Kitchen contains four vintage 19th century prints. Curated from the same German plant book, these botanical illustrations are printed on velvet fine art paper and stand beautifully individually or as a wall gallery.


A lifelong lover of vintage images, owner Kate Pemberton established Curious Prints to share with others her passion for vintage art and the never ending appeal of the wild.

  • Four ready-to-frame art prints in standard 8x10 frame sizes
  • Reproductions from a vintage science text “Kohler’s Medicinal Plants”,
    a German medicinal guide published by Franz Eugen Köhler in 1887
  • Includes sketches of four common herbs: Salvia officinalis (sage), Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary),
    Thymus vulgaris (thyme), and Piper nigrum (black pepper)
  • Each print is 8x10
  • Digitally printed on velvet fine art paper, 100% cotton fiber, acid free archival, 19mil