A Wilder Life


Written and architected by natural experience experts and enthusiasts Celestine Maddy and Abbye Churchill, A Wilder Life deserves a spot on coffee tables of outdoor lovers everywhere. Packed with incredible recipes, planting pointers, and deep, enriching perspective, it’s a book to return to all year round for both practical guidance and unbridled inspiration.


Celestine Maddy is currently the VP of Marketing at Reddit, and is the founder and publisher of Wilder Quarterly. Her partner on this book, Abbye Churchill, is also the Editorial Director of the same publication. Both have earned warm recognition from us and many other outdoor brands and gurus for their pursuit of natural wonder and connection in the outdoors.

  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • 8.7" x 1" x 10.9"
Prep & Plant $100
The Classic Gardener $60
Copper Plant Markers $15.95
Garden-in-a-Bag, Sage $10
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