Salty Sprinkles


A sweet and savory sprinkle that is perfect for ice cream, cookies, hot chocolate, homemade candies, and more. Chocolate flakes with Turbinado sugar, flake sea salt, and toasted organic sesame seeds.


Ashley Rodriguez is an Artist for Love which means a portion of every purchase goes directly to the non-profit organization, First Aid Arts. Their mission is to equip trauma care providers with arts-based tools and training, creating a world where wounded hearts heal beautifully.


Chocolate sprinkles (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, coca butter, whole milk powder, milk fat, natural vanilla flavor ) 

Turbindo sugar

Sesame seeds

Flake salt

Perfect For

Ice Cream Sundaes


Hot Chocolate

3 oz

Give Back Story 

A portion of every purchase is given to- First Aid Arts.

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix $16
Fennel Coriander Salt $14
Seedy Salt $10
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