Garden-in-a-Bag, Thyme


The complete set of essentials for growing English Thyme, right at home in your kitchen. Add a sprig of this classic herb to stews, soups, and meat dishes, plucked fresh right from your windowsill.


Like us, we’ve found Potting Shed Creations to be inspired by the outdoors, unique materials, and the love of their craft. They’ve used this inspiration to create equally inspiring products that have sustained their unique trade for almost two decades

  • Grow Thyme indoors
  • Self-containing
  • Easy to use

Included items

  • Organic Seed
  • Growing medium
  • Coconut husks for drainage
  • Directions


7" x 6 "

Cultivator $22
Hori Hori $30
Kids' Garden-in-a-Bag, Tomato $10
Kids' Garden-in-a-Bag, Viola $10
Large Scissors $26
Small Scissors $22
Spade $22
Square Hoe $22
Hori Hori & Sheath $50
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