Kids' Garden-in-a-Bag, Viola


Give them flowers they can eat, that are just as easy to grow. The perfect bright addition to any rice dish or salad, these beautiful plants are ideal for both sunny windowsills and an introduction to planting.


Like us, we’ve found Potting Shed Creations to be inspired by the outdoors, unique materials, and the love of their craft. They’ve used this inspiration to create equally inspiring products that have sustained their unique trade for almost two decades.

  • Easy to use
  • Fun for the kids

Included items

  • Seeds
  • Directions
  • Gardening stakes


7" x 6.5"

Cultivator $22
Hori Hori $30
Kids' Garden-in-a-Bag, Tomato $10
Large Scissors $26
Small Scissors $22
Spade $22
Square Hoe $22
Hori Hori & Sheath $50
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