Micro-Greens Spice


Tucked into a recycled US steel grow box, you’ll find Japanese mibuna mustard, daikon radish, and shungiku chrysanthemum. Complete with soil-free growing medium, a bamboo lid, and growing instructions, this set supplies two full crops.


Like us, we’ve found Potting Shed Creations to be inspired by the outdoors, unique materials, and the love of their craft. They’ve used this inspiration to create equally inspiring products that have sustained their unique trade for almost two decades.

  • Fits in your windowsill
  • Includes the perfect spices to add deep flavor to your dishes

Included items

  • Recycled US steel grow box
  • Bamboo Lid (inverts for saucer)
  • Soil-less growing medium
  • 2 full crops of seed
  • Directions


18" x 3" x 2"

Cultivator $22
Hori Hori $30
Kids' Garden-in-a-Bag, Sunflower $14
Kids' Garden-in-a-Bag, Tomato $10
Kids' Garden-in-a-Bag, Viola $10
Large Scissors $26
Perennial Gardener $90
Pocket Garden Herbal Tea $15
Small Scissors $22
Spade $22
Square Hoe $22
The Classic Gardener $60
Hori Hori & Sheath $50
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