Whether you’re breaking up weeds that won’t budge or digging trenches for irrigation, this stainless steel 3-position head stays sharp and accurate through hard and soft soil. Designed with an easy twist lock to collapse the head for more compact storage, this shovel can suit any yard and fit in any shed.


Our shovel design is inspired by a military entrenching tool, made popular by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930s. The Corps was set up to provide jobs for young men during the Great Depression. In its 9-year span, over 3 million people were employed to help with forest management, flood control, and various conservation and natural construction projects. This lightweight, collapsible shovel was easy to carry from site to site and was widely used by the CCC to build many of the national parks, campgrounds, and reservoirs that we enjoy today.

Locking 3-way collar allows for multiple working positions

Shovel, trenching, and storage positions

Manganese steel blade

Durable Beech wood handle


Shovel position: 39" L x 9" W

Storage position: 30" L x 9" W


3.55 lbs.




Beech Wood

Manganese Steel


1 Year

Q – How do I properly clean and care for my shovel?

A – Spray off soil with hose and wipe clean with cloth. Sharpen blade as needed.

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