Lodge Tent – Sleeps 12


Backpacking trips through the backcountry, overnight stays in the high desert, and mountain side retreats are all united by the tents that keep campers & outdoorsmen comfortable and protected from the elements. Many tents emphasize their impermanence and portability, with thin fabrics and lightweight spring bars that can pack into small, nylon carrying sacks. The ability to carry your shelter from destination to destination is invaluable, but there are downsides to the instability of such fragile structures.

Under fierce winds and heavy rains, many lightweight tents are likely to fold or float away, and if too near a flame or pressed by a sharp rock, a hole in a wall or floor is inevitable, which means mosquitos, other bugs, and dirt are likely to be your bedfellows. As an alternative to such tents, the Lodge Tent provides a long-term structure with stability, security, and durability.

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Canvas Vs Barebones Tent
Living tents & lodge

This home away from home can handle 1,000 lbs. of snow on the roof, 90-mph winds when properly staked and up to 12 people sawing logs-each in their own bunk cot. Front and back doors provide easy access for your camping crowd, screened windows and doors allow plenty of ventilation and an integrated stove port will keep the heat in and the smoke out. The Lodge Tent is truly the ultimate outdoor shelter for your large group. The comforts that come with the Barebones Lodge Tent should always be on your packing list, especially if you’re planning on long-term tent-living.

Items Included:

1 Lodge Tent Skin

1 Attachable Floor

1 Extended All Weather Cover

1 Flame Retardant Stove Mat

1 Set Lodge Tent Poles

1 Set Lodge Tent joints

4 Stakes

4 Nylon Cord Tie Downs

High Wind Kit


10 Zippered Mesh Windows

2 Zippered Mesh Ceiling Vents

Magnetically closing panoramic front door


Poles: Lifetime

Joints: Lifetime

Fabric: 5 years


12'W x 15'L x 9'H

180 Square Feet

Wall Height: 6'

Packed Dimensions

Weight: 262 lbs

Skin: 41" x 20" x 13” 89 lbs

Poles: 41" x 15" x 9” 71 lbs

Joints: 45" x 15" x 11" 46 lbs

Accessory Kit: 56 lbs

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Fabric: Barebones custom treated polyester-nylon weave

Poles: Aluminum

Joints: Nylon

Stakes: Zinc Alloy

Q – How long will it take to set up the tent with 2 people?

A – Your first time should take you a little over one hour. After you are familiar with the setup of the tent, you can set it up comfortably in around 45 minutes.

Q – Should I be worried about putting wood in the stove before I go to bed?

A – Whenever you light a fire in a closed space it is always important to make sure that you have good ventilation. Make sure that you leave the eve vents open so that the fumes and small amount of smoke can escape while you are sleeping.

Q – How far away from the wall should the stove be?

A – We position our stove ports so that with a standard tent stove (see Camp Chef Alpine Stove) you shouldn't have to worry about your walls melting from the heat coming off the stove. We suggest that you move the stove at least 12" from the edge of the tent just to ensure that you have enough space between your tent and stove.

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FREE FedEx Ground Shipping (Excludes Alaska & Hawaii)

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