Since our tent fabric is treated for mold and mildew, you do not need to worry about packing it up wet! However, in the event that you need to pack the tent up damp or drenched, we suggest that you wait for a sunny day to dry the tent out thoroughly before storing it for long periods of time. Before packing your tent up it is good to make sure that all of the zippers are closed to avoid any unforeseen wear and tear on them.

Lights and Yeti’s

For all battery-powered lights and accessories it is essential that you charge your device once every three months. If you leave the devices off for an extended period of time without charging them, the batteries will go dead. Fortunately none of our devices take very long to charge and we are sure that you will be using them often enough to need not worry about dead batteries.

Garden Tools

Oiling your bamboo handled garden tools will ensure the longevity and splinter free nature of the bamboo. A gentle organic oil such as linseed oil is great to wipe down the wooden handles once you notice them getting dry to the touch. This will help keep your handles looking like new and spinter free for years to come!

All of our gardening tools are made from tempered stainless steel, this is what helps them keep an edge. If your gardening tools dull, you can sharpen them with a sharpening stone or file and it should restore the edge like new!