"Connection, relationship, and intimacy grow at the table."

Ashley & Gabe Rodriguez have a seemingly-glamorous life. A former Spago Beverly Hills pastry chef, Ashley is the author of an award-winning blog (Not Without Salt) and two cookbooks. Gabe is a successful photographer and marketing consultant who helped grow Ashley’s site. They live in Seattle and travel together to film Kitchen Unnecessary, their web series about wild food that won a Saveur Award in 2018.  
Running businesses together isn’t always glamorous, though. A few years back, exhausted by the constant demands of entrepreneurship and raising three small children, they realized that after over a decade of marriage they were becoming “roommates, not teammates.” The couple found it difficult to go out—so they decided to date in. 
One night a week, they agreed, they would have a date at home. As they cooked and shared intimate dinners inspired in part by their earlier adventures, Ashley discovered that “connection, relationship, and intimacy grow at the table,” especially at home, where they can linger in conversation until the candles go out. The weekly dates were so transformative Ashley penned a cookbook to share the magic of dating in with others.

- Photos courtesy of Tori Pinter and boone Rodriguez -




The product of the promise she and Gabe made to re-prioritize their relationship, Date Night In is Ashley’s ode to keeping the romance alive when you can’t get out of the house. She shares their favorite recipes from their own dates in the book, hoping to give other couples the ingredients for reconnection. What better way to give the gift of a better partnership?


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