Barebones Visits Moab – Discovers It’s Still Winter

Barebones Boys Head to Moab, UT for “Marketing” and “Product Testing” Seems like just yesterday the dudes of Barebones packed up the trailer and headed to […]

Weather the Storm with the Barebones Outfitter Safari Tent

  No matter where you live, you probably have to deal with inclement or otherwise imperfect weather conditions at some point in your year. What’s the weather event […]


13 Awesome Yurt, Canvas & Wall Tent Accessories

Last minute shopping for a birthday or (ahem) Christmas? “Cool hunting” for awesome yurt accessories? Decking out your new ski hut? Doomsday prepping with a wall […]

7 Reasons Tent Lighting Matters

Any seasoned camper knows that it gets dark fast out in the wilderness. When you aren’t paying attention, it can sneak right up on you. While […]


Learn to garden: 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Gardener

Gardening can be intimidating no matter your age, experience, or the style of gardening you want to undertake. It may feel like you are alone with […]

Plastic vs. Metal Watering Cans

The power to make rain is basically harnessed in the gardener’s favorite tool: the watering can. No self-respecting gardener should be found without one, especially if there […]

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