Wood Stove Safety 101

A wood stove is a simple way to camp comfortably when the temperatures dip. Many campers bring one because it doesn’t require any additional fuel. All you need […]

This Cabin Tent Trumps Igloos, Other Winter Structures [Video]

Gotta Get Up to Get Down I think this video speaks for itself when it comes to our genuine excitement about getting our Barebones Outfitter Safari […]


13 Awesome Yurt, Canvas & Wall Tent Accessories

Last minute shopping for a birthday or (ahem) Christmas? “Cool hunting” for awesome yurt accessories? Decking out your new ski hut? Doomsday prepping with a wall […]

7 Reasons Tent Lighting Matters

Any seasoned camper knows that it gets dark fast out in the wilderness. When you aren’t paying attention, it can sneak right up on you. While […]


Plastic vs. Metal Watering Cans

The power to make rain is basically harnessed in the gardener’s favorite tool: the watering can. No self-respecting gardener should be found without one, especially if there […]

Covering Plants for Frost & Other Ways to Extend the Season

Frost can be a gardener’s worst enemy. It often comes unexpectedly and can leave a wake of damaged leaves or even kill plants altogether. While plants […]

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