How to Set Up the Barebones Safari Tent

If you’ve been eyeing one of our Safari Tents, we’ve got just what you need to better understand the process of setting it up. Watch this […]

Glamping Tent Comparison

Glamping is not just recreation; it is an art. Those who understand this art are able to live in harmony with elements of nature and bring […]


7 Reasons Tent Lighting Matters

Any seasoned camper knows that it gets dark fast out in the wilderness. When you aren’t paying attention, it can sneak right up on you. While […]

Barebones Continues Philippines Relief Efforts, Thanks to You

It’s been a good summer here at Barebones. Sales are bustling, our team is growing, and we’re getting ready for big upcoming events like the Outdoor […]


Covering Plants for Frost & Other Ways to Extend the Season

Frost can be a gardener’s worst enemy. It often comes unexpectedly and can leave a wake of damaged leaves or even kill plants altogether. While plants […]

Tomato Growing Season by Zone

Tomatoes have all sorts of needs; temperature, sunlight, and moisture all have an effect on how much you harvest. Understanding the zone you are in can help […]

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